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Create your own 3d dropship jewelry product

JoyFul Jewellery Gifts designs, manufactures, warehouses and fulfills
All with only 25% of the cost down as a deposit

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Create your own 3d jewelry product with 1 day shipping. A unique product that JoyFul Jewellery Gifts manufactures, warehouses and fulfills for you. You pay very little up front and have a top quality product nobody else will be selling.

as deposit


Charged on demand as orders come in



After years of designing and manufacturing our own jewelry products we found serious flaws in the current product-creation process.

Usually this is a messy process of back- and-forth design and samples, followed by 50% to 100% upfront before receiving your inventory.

For marketers, after all of this they would also have to coordinate shipping to their fulfillment center, and then another messy round of attributing inventory to their store.

The entire process is old and slow and needs change.

With this mindset we set out to create Deposit On-Demand.


created "Deposit On Demand", where seamlessly handles all phases of the supply chain and makes it more cash-efficient by proving a financing solution as well.



Send in your design idea. JoyFul Jewellery Gifts works with you to finalize a life-like computer render of the concept. You can use this mockup for testing purposes on your FB page or email if you like.


Decide how many units you want to start with: 500, 1000, 2500 or 5,000.


Pay only 25-30% of the wholesale cost down as a deposit.


JoyFul Jewellery Gifts manufactures your unique item, warehouses it and set the product up in your store via the JoyFul Jewellery Gifts app, exclusively for you.


The remaining 70-75% of the wholesale cost is charged on demand as the orders come in.